NOTE: The last column on the form is “Pledge Amount”

NAF Walk n’ Roll


For too long over 150,000 Americans and their families have suffered from the devastating effects of Ataxia. But with your participation the 2006 Walk n’ Roll, we can collectively bring the world one giant step closer to a cure and help the National Ataxia Foundation put an end to Ataxia.


More then just a fundraising event, the NAF Walk n’ Roll is a celebration for an entire community. The donations received fund countless programs, services and research, but the event itself creates a hope-filled and fun atmosphere for everyone affected by ataxia while generating a greater awareness of ataxia in the public at large. Families are drawn closer together, co-workers are united for the greater good, and people gain a better understanding of what ataxia is and how they can help.


Plan you own Walk n’ Roll Event

  1. Contact you support group members, school, youth group, co-workers or neighborhood friends to set a time and place.
  2. Tell the National Ataxia Foundation about you event then complete and return the fundraising application form.
  3. Request Awareness materials to give away and sell from the National Ataxia Foundation. Request any additional assistance from NAF including flyers for your event and registration forms to send to active members in the event area and for you to distribute.
  4. Distribute and collect registration forms. A registration fee is not recommended but requiring pledges for participation is recommended. We suggest a $25 minimum donation.
  5. Recruit volunteers. Suggested volunteer duties: Support drivers/assistants, set-up/teardown, finish line, food services, photographers, rest stop assistants, money counters, intersection safety, first aid, registration, parking, route marking, and information table.
  6. Create an event packet for registrants of your event. This should include facts about your event, fundraising tips, a walk n’ roll envelope for pledges and pledge sheets.
  7. Everyone shows up with their walk n’ roll envelope and all money are collected at the registration site by you on the day of the event then walk n’ rolls around track or neighborhood for half hour or so.
  8. Thank your contributors




Need some help fundraising? Raise $200 – $1000.00 fast!


Day 1      Sponsor yourself $15-50

Day 2      Ask two – three relatives to sponsor you for $30-$50

Day 3      Ask 3-10 friends to contribute $20-$30

Day 4      Ask three – five co-workers to contribute $20-$30

Day 5      Ask three – five neighbors to contribute $20-$30

Day 6      Ask 3-10 people from you church/temple to contribute $10-$30

Day 7            Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (better yet find out if your company will match what you raise)

Day 8            Ask two – six local businesses or companies that you deal with through work or frequent personal business (barber/hairstylist or favorite restaurants) to sponsor you for $20-$50


Pledge Form Walk n’ Roller’s Name_______________________

Support Group/Team Name_______________________

My Goal_______________________

Collect sponsorship money and don’t forget to sponsor yourself. Your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family can help you raise funds. If you can’t walk or roll yourself sponsor a walker or roller.


All sponsors that complete this form will receive a donation receipt after the event date. Make checks out to The National Ataxia Foundation. All donations go directly to The National Ataxia Foundation.


Please bring your contributions with this registration/sponsor sign up sheet to the event registration are on the day of the event.

Sponsor’ Name Mailing Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Pledge Amount
1. John Doe 123 Main Street Anytown, MA 12345 000-000-0000 $000.00

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