Laps for Lucy Fundraising Event

Saturday, June 27, 2009 9AM

Oak Park River Forest High School Track
Lake Street and East Avenue

All Proceeds go to the National Ataxia Foundation


Dear Friends of “Lucy”,

Over 150,000 Americans and their families suffer from the devastating effects of Ataxia. But with your participation in the 2009 Laps For Lucy, we can collectively bring the world one step closer to a cure for Ataxia.

More then just a fundraising event, Laps For Lucy is a celebration for an entire community. The donations received will fund countless programs, services and research, but the event itself creates a hope-filled and fun atmosphere for everyone affected by ataxia. It is also a very personal way to share your stories on how “Lucy” has made an impact on your life.We hope the day will help generate a greater awareness of ataxia in the Oak Park area.

So, please plan to join us and share your stories around the track. Families and Children of all Ages, are especially encouraged to join us. This is a Family Event!

Here are some ways you can raise support prior to June 27, 2009!

Sponsor yourself $15-50

Ask relatives, friends, neighbors and co workers to sponsor you

Ask two – six local businesses or companies that you deal with through work or frequent personal business (barber/hairstylist or favorite restaurants) to sponsor you.

Bring the pledge form on Saturday, June 27, 2009. Arrive early. Gates will be open at 8:15AM
Bring water, your energy and encouragement, as we support Lucy and others affected by Ataxia.

2 Responses to “About the Race”

  1. […] Laps For Lucy this Saturday morning will bring the world one step closer to a cure for Ataxia.  The race is at Oak Park River Forest High School Track (Lake Street and East Avenue, Oak Park, IL).  All […]

  2. Graciela Chediak said

    Hi Mary,

    Where can I send the donation? I was in the nursery one day when Lucy and Ray were there. I was so amazed at the love he had for his little sister. I have a grandchild with autism also and I pray that she would grow up to have a heart like Ray’s.

    Graciela Chediak

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